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A child with cancer in Florida will one day be the deputy sheriff of honor

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A Florida preschooler with cancer was due to become a “deputy for a day” on Tuesday after teachers and the Polk County Sheriff decided to help make his dream come true.

At the request of Carlton lmore elementary school teachers and administrators and the sheriff’s office to turn Merrick Lloyd into an “honorary deputy” on Tuesday, the WTSP, a local Tam-based CBS station, first reported.

“The world needs hope and kindness right now,” Carlton lmore Elementary School Prince Badonna Dardis told Acesparks via email. “… We are so grateful that Merrick was able to do what he wanted and one day become an MP. Merrick is a brave preschooler!”

Merrick has been undergoing radiation and chemotherapy for six months, Dardis wrote Thursday. Facebook post.

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Merrick Lloyd will be the "honorary deputy" of the day

“When the school and the community come together, beautiful things happen,” he said, thanking everyone who helped organize the event for Prince Merrick.


Photographs shared with Acesparks show Merrick meeting various members of the sheriff’s office, receiving his gifts, visiting the sheriff’s office, sitting in helicopter and plane cockpits, listening to distances, and more.

Dardis said the sheriff’s office “honored” Merrick with a uniform, a plaque and a “back full of presents.”

Merrick Lloyd will be the "honorary deputy" of the day

“She was thrilled to meet Sheriff Grady Judd, the 911 Distchers, and the Polk County SWAT team! Thank you for your generosity and for making one of our student dreams come true! You are the BEST,” he wrote.

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Merrick Lloyd will be the "honorary deputy" of the day

Judd shared his message on Facebook on Thursday and wrote, “Have a great dream, Merrick! It was great to meet you, your teachers and your family this week.”

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